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About Us.

Since 2008


Hawaii Beachwear is a newly established Malaysian swimwear brand that was formed in 2008. The dedicated team behind Hawaii Beachwear has 30 years of experience based in the swimwear industry and Hawaii’s product line has expanded steadily over the years. Today, Hawaii’s products are available in more than 10 cities across Malaysia. Hawaii’s fitness and recreational swimwear are designed to be fashionable to brighten up the everyday lifestyle for women, men and kids. Hawaii also offers a comprehensive collection of swimming accessories available in a variety of colors to complement the swimwear and match the users’ style.


We strive to implement the highest standards of quality, creativity and innovation to our products. Hawaii’s mission is to deliver value to our customers by providing quality swimwear at affordable prices and in fashionable designs to inspire people to live more fulfilling and engaged lives.


Hawaii’s vision goes beyond offering swimwear. We want to instill the values of leading a healthy and balanced lifestyle by encouraging people to embrace swimming as a recreational or fitness activity.

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